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Simply Pump And Enjoy Your Favorite Hot Drink With Fetco 2.2L Pump Lever D080 Thermal Airpot

Ever experienced having to pour your hot drinks and make every effort to fill your cup?

No more effort with this hot beverage dispenser.

Imagine you're ready to enjoy a hot coffee. You simply pump and voila, you have the rich-smelling drink on your cup.

You sip a little and you savor the aroma. You breath a sigh of relief. You didn't have to stress yourself in every pour.

Thanks to your Fetco Airpot. It saved your day!

You're off to work energized and pumped up to achieve your goals.

How Does The Fetco 2.2L Pump Lever D080 Make It Easy To Get Your Hot Drinks?

Pump it. It's that simple. You won't ever need to lift, hold or tilt the airpot.

Get the right amount to enjoy your hot drink. 

Plus, its rotating base lets you get your drink without navigating.

Even if you're on the edge of the table, you won't need to make effort.

Simply rotate the airpot and pump your favorite drink.

Enjoy the benefits of warm beverage in less time than it takes for you to boil water.

Keep It Hot For Longer Hours

You won't need to worry about your hot drinks getting cold easily.

It's made of durable stainless steel. And wait, there's more! Not only one, but two layers of insulation.

It's sealed inside with vacuum. Rest assured that it keeps your beverage hot for hours on end.

While it preserves the heat inside, it's cold outside so you can touch it free. You won't need to worry about touching it hot.

Also, you can lock the lid with ease. Swing it fully when you brew, then simply lock it back and heat is sealed.

You can enjoy your hot drinks even after long working hours.

What else makes the Fetco 2.2L top of your choice?


  • Rotate and pour

You can turn it without having to pick it up or move it around.

If you're navigating around food or on the edge of the table, it's pretty cool. You won't exert extra effort.

Have fun and enjoy your coffee!


  • Serve it right

Never worry about overpouring or spilling your cup of hot drink.

It's designed to pour the right amount of liquid into your cup.

You don't need to lift, hold or tilt the airpot.


  • Ready to go

If you need to carry your airpot all over the place, the swivel handle is there for you.

It's durable so you can rest assured it will last for years.


  • Top lid flip

Need to brew directly? Then this is your airpot. Simply flip the top lid and brew your coffee.

Stay calm as you savor the rich aroma of your brewed coffee.


  • Size fits small space

Even if you have limited space, it's compact enough to fit.

Serve your guests without worries of bulk in your area.


The Fetco 2.2L Pump Lever D080 Thermal Airpot is your hot drinks companion for your restaurants, coffee shops and even hotels.

Get your own thermal airpot and enjoy pumping your favorite drink. Click the "Buy It Now" button today!

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