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How I Improve My Coffee Using Fetco CBS-2142XTS Coffee Brewer

The problem with some cheap coffee brewers is the water temperature. They just don’t get hot enough to extract that lovely coffee flavor from your beans.

Fortunately, not with Fetco CBS-2142XTS coffee brewer!

The Twin Station Fetco CBS-2142XTS Touchscreen Series Coffee Brewer is an innovative system that allows you to control all aspects of the brewing process, from preparation to brew time and serving with this innovative mobile system.

It is the perfect coffee brewer for any small office or home office.

Plus, it is compact, versatile and offers all of the ease of use you would expect from a touchscreen coffee maker, with the added bonus that it can brew up to 14 gallons of coffee per hour.

What Is It for Me in Fetco CBS-2142XTS Coffee Brewer?

Fetco uses a patented brewing system that automatically controls water temperature to create your choice of coffee every time.

It also ensures that your coffee station is always stocked with delicious aromatic coffee!

Thanks to Fetco’s touchscreen interface display. You can easily navigate this coffee brewer!


  • Cascading Spray Dome (CSD)

The brewer is equipped with Cascading Spray Dome (CSD). The water flows over the outer surface of the dome instead of through tiny drain holes.

Rivals’ water flows through the tiny drain holes and it results in clogging.

Meaning, CSD eliminates spray head lime buildup so no reason for a service call.

And, fewer service calls means lower operating costs and higher revenue for you!

  • User-Friendly Interface

This means an easier and quick brewing control for you! 

  • Streamlined Programming, Diagnostic, and Metrics

You do not need to worry about the technical stuff. The Extractor® Touchscreen Operating System (ETOS) was designed for quick and efficient navigation through set-up, programming, diagnostics, and daily operational brewing modes.

  • Customizable Screens

You can customize your display for quick and easy access to your most used coffee blends. 




Height(in): 34 ⅜
Width(in): 19 ¾
Depth(in): 20 ⅜
Weight(in): 92


Volume (L): 3.8
Volume (g): 1
Output (gph): 14-
(8oz.) cups/hour: ≈224
(12oz.) cups/hour: ≈149
(16oz.) cups/hour: ≈112
(20oz.) cups/hour: ≈90


Electrical configuration: Hardwire
Volts: 200-240
Amps: 21.3-25.5
Phase: single


Touchscreen: Yes
Cascading Spray Dome: Yes
Extractor Technology: Yes
Pulse Brew: Yes
Brew Basket Locks: Yes
Hot Water Spigot: Yes


Programmable Brew Volume: Yes (4 per side)
Programmable Brew Time: Yes
Programmable Brew Temperature: Yes
Programmable Pre-wet Percentage: Yes
Programmable Drip Delay: Yes
Programmable Low Temp: Yes-Three Types


The Fetco CBS-2142XTS coffee brewer gives you the coffee you want when you need it. It is also factory calibrated, so you can use it right out of the box!

Have your own Fetco coffee brewer by clicking the buy it now button!

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