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Nuova Simonelli Athena Classic Leva Espresso Machines

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Experience the classic espresso-flavor heaven with the hand-hammered Nouva Simonelli Athena Classic Leva Espresso Machines

Imagine sipping a rich, flavorful espresso to pump up your day.

You savor every drop of its luxurious cream and let it leave you with a kiss of its foamy crema.

Its bittersweet aftertaste lingers in your mouth. 

Ah! You say to yourself, "This must be the heaven-like taste of a perfect espresso."

And it's possible thanks to your Nouva Simonelli Athena Classic Leva Espresso Machines.

You face the day with a wide smile ready to finish all of your tasks in less time.

Plus, you can let others experience the classic, complex and intense taste.

Let your specialty shop be the talk of the city with your signature espresso.

Its your classic machine hand-crafted with the art of the ancients.


What makes the Nouva Simonelli Athena Classic Leva a special espresso machine?

This elegant and historic Athena Classic Leva gained the love of many espresso professionals.

With its unique lever delivery system, you can pull the best possible shots than ever before.

You get a highly customized shot every time at the hands of a highly-skilled barista.

Luxurious hand-art of the experts

In 1946 at the end of World War II, Victoria Arduino marketed its first lever machines.

You may have known these as the WAT series of espresso machines, of which the exquisite Athena Leva descended.

Its first model was made in late 60s somewhere in Casorate Sempione (VA), Italy.

With its quality of materials used for internal and eternal components, you know that its a fairly magnificent machine.

You can rest assured you have an excellent machine starting from its bodywork.

How? It's simple yet unique.

Expert craftsmen made sure it's completely hammered by hand as a unique expression of coffee tradition.

At the end of every pull, you have a flavorful, perfect espresso shot ready to replenish your health.

Advanced technology

You'll notice that typical lever espresso machines, water goes straight to the group from the boiler.

This has a well-known pressure of 1 to 1.2 bar at 120-130° C.

That means it's the same water used to make steam.

But, it's different with the Victoria Arduino Athena Leva.

This unique lever machine uses heat exchangers so you can control the water temperature.

When you're able to control that, your extracted coffee can have an optimized quality.

With this special control, you can set up an excellent pre-infusion.

You can do that with its special pressure reducer which reduces the pressure of the water supply, normally 4 to 6 bar.

These specifications give coffee extractions you can only have with the Athena Leva.

It's distinctly creamy and not burnt (common with high temperature water) so you can enjoy the best espresso shot you can have.

The Nouva Simonelli Athena Classic Leva Espresso Machines is your state-of-the-art coffee-maker. It's perfect for specialty coffee shops, medium volume locations and demanding professionals.

Get your own elegant and luxurious espresso machine. Simply click the "Buy It Now" button today!

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