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Nuova Simonelli Complete Water Filtration System

Water System
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Ensure high quality water for your coffee cups with Nuova Simonelli Complete Water Filtration System

Imagine having a reliable water filtration system for your Nouva Simonelli machines.

You have peace of mind that you only supply the best filtered water for high quality shots.

Plus, you get the standard dealer warranty and lifetime boiler warranty when you have a water system.

And you maintain your warranty as long as you have a water softener installed.


How can you ensure high quality water with Nuova Simonelli Complete Water Filtration System?

For you to make sure you only get the best espresso shots, a water softener is needed when:

Your espresso machine’s water hardness is higher than 3 grains per gallon or 50 parts per million (ppm).

Cold water must supply a water line pressure between 2 bar and 6 bar.

Here are the specifications so you can make sure you use higher quality water:

Your water filtration level must be below 5.5 Micron.

The total dissolved solids must be between 50 and 250 ppm level.

Your water’s alkalinity level should be between 10 and 100 ppm.

The chlorine level shoud be than 0.25 ppm and the pH level between 6.5 and 8.5.

Sounds complicated, isn’t it?

But not with the Nouva Simonelli’s Complete Water Filtration System.

It’s simple. Here’s how:

Hardness reduction cartridge for high quality water

Wanna make sure you have consistent high quality water for your espresso based drinks?

Now you can with the Nuova Simonelli’s hardness reduction cartridges.

At flow rates up to 1.0 gpm (3.7 lpm), you can pull espresso shots without worries of water quality.

Leave the job to the filtration system so you can focus more time serving your customers.

Plus, you save on maintenance costs with the strong-acid ion exchange resin.

This means calcium and magnesium ions are reduced so there would be no buildup of hard scale on boilers.

Less to no hard scales gives you more energy efficiency, no equipment downtime and no expensive service calls.

Save your time and energy to focus on what you do best, that is, serving consistent high quality shots.


Premium activated carbon for better taste

Ever tasted bitter water? Not anymore with the Nouva Simoneli’s  premium activated carbon.

You can stay relaxed knowing that you’re using water with reduces chlorine taste and odor.

Plus, no more bitterness from poor water quality.

The complete filtration system does the job so you can have more time to entertain your guests.


Quick and easy cartridge change

Need to change cartridges with ease?

The Nouva Simonelli’s valve head lets you change the cartridge clean, easy and quick.

You only need a ¼ turn of the cartridge so there would be no incoming water.

Then you simply disengage the old cartridge.

You won’t need extra effort to replace the needed parts.

Plus, you also get a 3/8 inch NPT valved head with these cartridges so you have other options.


Standard Capacity System (1100 grains)

If you’re using Direct Connect to Oscar II and Musica or Appia II 1-2 group and Appia II Compact, this is your best water filter choice.

You can make sure you maintain proper water hardness, reduced taste, odor and sediments for a high water quality.

With low maintenance, you only need to switch out cartridges as needed.


Large Capacity System (4350 grains)

You can use this for all machines so you can have consistent water hardness (softens water).

No more bitter taste. Plus, you reduce the odor and sediments for better quality water.

Switch out cartridges only when needed so you only need low maintenance for this system.

Protect your water quality as you save on long-term maintenance costs.


KD8 Softener

If you need to reduce water hardness from the water fed to the machine, this is your ideal choice.

But if your dissolved solids are greater than 250 ppm, you need to use other filters.

With regular examination, you need to refill the salt reservoir as needed.


The Nouva Simonelli’s Complete Water Filtration System is your ultimate water filter for high quality shots.

Get your own compatible water filtration system. Simply click the “Buy It Now” button today!

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