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Nuova Simonelli MDJ Automatic Grinder

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Have a quieter aromatic experience with Nuova Simonelli MDJ Automatic Commercial Coffee Grinder

Imagine preparing your ground coffee without too much noise than ever before.

You fill your bean hopper with the perfect amount of coffee beans.

You press the button and voila! you have a rich, aromatic ground coffee in seconds.

You’re ready to pull the best possible espresso shots.

You’re pumped up to finish your tasks for the day.

Thanks to your Nuova Simonelli MDJ Automatic Commercial Coffee Grinder, you’re more productive throughout the day.


How does the Nuova Simonelli MDJ Automatic give you a quieter grinding experience?

With its newest Silent Technology, you won’t need to suffer from too much grinder noise anymore.

You’re free to enjoy an aroma-filled day without stressing out on loud grinders.

You can focus more on entertaining your customers.

Plus, you give them a more comfortable and convenient coffee-drinking environment.

What’s more?

It’s built with a new bodywork system for mechanical parts using special “shock-absorbers”.

This means you can rest assured there is lower noise from the isolated motor.

You have peace of mind that your grinder doesn’t disturb or annoy anyone.

What a more pleasant experience to have a quieter coffee shop!


Durable, high-powered 75mm burrs

Made with 75mm stainless steel burrs, the MDJ Automatic is your durable grinder that lasts for years.

And with its innovative technology and design, you won’t get outdated.

Plus, relax as you can up to 1500 pounds of coffee before you need to replace.

It’s calibrated to grind without overheating the coffee beans.

Meaning, you can grind all you want without losing the coffee’s best aroma.

Chill and stay calm as you serve your customers with the best quality shots.


Quick clean and easy to maintain

With MDJ Automatic, you only need a simple set-up. No more fancy work.

You can clean it quickly plus, it’s easy to maintain.


You get a full record of the grinder’s settings so you can restart it in seconds.


Adjust the dose at your control

With the external dose adjustment, you can adjust the doses any time you want.

Change it based on your choices.

Plus, you can easily check the number of coffees served.

Stay in control as you can monitor it from the side counter.

Have fun doing what you want with your grinder.


No more wasted coffee

Nouva Simonelli grinders give you a residue-free grinding advantage.

This means you can get all the ground coffee from the grinding chamber.

No coffee wasted ever!

Plus, you have peace of mind that your grinder won’t overheat from coffee residues.

You always get the freshest possible ground coffee with consistent quality.

Save on long-term costs and get the most value for your money.


Finest, precise grind

Level up beyond the “intermediate settings” from traditional grinders.

You get a Micromatic Grind Adjustment system with the MDJ Automatic.

This means you can set your grinder for super fine and precise grind size.

With the finest grind, you can extract the best possible shot everytime.

Experience a more flavorful and richer aroma of your coffee.

Delight your customers with every cup.


Larger, automatic doser

Ever wanted a larger doser that fills automatically?

Now, you can have it with the MDJ Automatic.

You won’t need extra effort so you can save more time and energy to do other important tasks.


Hold it no more

Let the portafilter holder do the job for you. You don’t need to hold it yourself anymore.

You can now focus on other machines while you wait for your ground coffee in seconds.

Dosing has never been this easier and more convenient.

Stay relaxed as you serve your customers without feeling tired.


Clear bean hopper monitor

Easily check if you need to refill with your transparent 1.6 kg large bean hopper.

You won’t have to guess when your grinding is completed.


Hardened aluminum body

You get a grinder with die-cast aluminum design that’s built to last for years.

Rest assured you have a reliable coffee companion with its hardened aluminum body.

The Nuova Simonelli MDJ Automatic Commercial Coffee Grinder is your innovative grinder from a world-class brand. Perfect for coffee professionals who wants a quieter grinding experience in medium to high-volume coffee shops.

Get your own silent coffee grinder. Simply click the “Buy It Now” button today!

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