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Nuova Simonelli Mythos II Grinder

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Bring out the richest aroma of your espresso grind with the high-tech Nuova Simonelli Mythos II Grinder

Imagine having a world-class espresso grinder like a sports car.

You touch buttons and you get your desired aroma in seconds.

You have a reliable grinder equipped with high technology you've never experienced before.

Plus, you can rest assured it's built with high-quality parts.

It's designed to give you a powerful performance like no other.

And you'll end up with your customers impressed with your espresso shots.

Thanks to your Nuova Simonelli Mythos II Grinder, you enjoy giving your customers the best espresso they can have.


How does the Nuova Simonelli Mythos II use technology to give you the richest coffee aroma?

With its updated Clima Pro 2.0 system, you can now adjust the burr temperature.

That means you can lower the temperature for a more efficient grind. 

And you can now control your grinder for a consistent grinding temperature.

Plus, its heating and cooling system is upgraded to hold your target temperature.

This is the same as that of the Mythos One/Clima Pro.

But the Mythos II comes with a new user temperature control.

Stay calm knowing you have a more stable grinder with its centralized cooling system so you can place many units near each other.

You can have peace of mind the Mythos II is equipped to reduce unwanted changes in temperature.

And you can rest assured you have consistent coffee grinds for your best espresso shots.

Custom motor speed

With the Mythos II, some models are now RPM-adjustable motor.

This 800-watt motor lets you fine-tune your grind according to your needs.

Its new variable speed motor is an inverter-equipped motor that gives you a triple treat.

You have consistent speed right from the start, you save more energy and you have lower grinding temperatures.

You can pull shots according to your workflow, slower or quicker.

Whether you want faster production or better flavor, you can simply adjust the settings.

2x more durable Titanium burrs

It's your best grinder choice with the titanium nitride-coated 85 mm flat steel burrs.

You have a durable burr that lasts 2x longer than normal ones.

Plus, this gives you faster production so you can serve more customers at a time.

And you can grind up to 3500 pounds of coffee before you need to replace it.

Have peace of mind knowing your grinder will last longer while giving you an excellent performance.


Set up in a touch

Take full control of the dose and have a quick program of 6 stored coffee profiles.

The Mythos II's new 2.8" multi-function touchscreen display lets you adjust each dose with 3 settings.

Plus, you can lock the grinder settings for a consistent output.

All these you can do simply by touching the display screen.

No sweat at all!

You delight your customers with quality espresso shots every time.


Quieter grinding experience

Remember talking to your customers while you're grinding? You can't hear each other because of the noise.

Well, not anymore! With Mythos II, you can work with less noise.

You won't be annoyed at all because grinding doesn't disturb you at all.

Have more fun talk with your customer as you stay calm and relaxed in a quieter and more livable coffee shop.


Compact for a coffee grinding unit

Mythos II is only 20 cm so you can make a series of coffee grinders as one unit. 

Place it side by side as you serve your customers waiting in line.

Stay calm as you grind to perfection for your best espresso shots.


Your customizable grinder

Mythos II is built with full aluminum body that gives you better performance.

With its dual fan on the back, you can rest assured your grinder motor can cool a lot faster for a more consistent grind.

Plus, your grinder shows who you are!

Whether you want to draw on it, write the kind of coffee you serve, or name it with your coffee shop, it's your choice.

You can customize it however you want!

Show more of your unique personality with your custom grinder.


Brighter workspace

What more can you ask for with a grinder?

The Mythos II comes with LEDs all around so you can see what you're doing at night.

Have a brighter workspace so you can fully see your grinds even if you're in a dark counter.


Fine-tune your grind

You can adjust the grind according to our preferences.

Simply turn the micrometric grind adjustment knob and you have a fine coffee grind to precision.

Have consistent grind size every time for the best espresso shots.


Crush clumps with ease

Wanna make sure you have clump-free doses every time?

It's now possible with the clump crusher technology which gives you a fluffy, even distribution of coffee grind.

Stay relaxed knowing you can have consistent doses all the time.


Leave it stable in a holder

The Mythos II lets you work on other things with its portafilter holder.

You won't need to hold and wait while dosing.

You can have a fun chat with your customers, prepare the espresso shots and other things you can do.

Save more time and energy for a better and more efficient grind.


Which Mythos II model best suits your coffee shop?

Choose between these three tiers, each building on the previous model.


Mythos II Pure

Enjoy the Clima Pro 2.0 technology with its 0.01 seconds precision timed dosing. 

It comes with micrometric grind size adjustment, improved clump crusher and delivery spout.

This is your base model choice!

Mythos II Premium

Add the variable RPM grinding to all the features of the Pure and you have the Mythos II Premium.

Easy set your preferred grind speed as you adjust each coffee profile between 700-1200 RPM.

Set the speed for your choice flavor or for faster production.

Mythos 2 Gravimetric

Now you can grind by weight rather than grind by time.

You can have more accurate control on every dose of your ground coffee.

And you can ensure consistent density.

Even if you change the grind setting, every dose remains unchanged.

How does the Mythos II Gravimetric does this?

It's simple!

With the portafilter, it allows the grinder to have a precise gauge of the coffee mass in the basket.

As you quick tune some grinding settings, you have an excellent dose consistency, at about 0.3 grams.


The Nuova Simonelli Mythos II Grinder is your perfect choice for your high-demand specialty shops. Experience ground coffee for best espresso shots like never before.

Get your own high-tech coffee grinder. Simply click the "Buy It Now" button today!

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