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Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine

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Experience flavorful espresso shots at home in a touch of Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine

Imagine having a sip of professional quality espresso at the comfort of your home.

You wake up in the morning to prepare your shots.

You’re impressed with the sleek design of your high-tech espresso maker.

You program your machine with the easy control panel to single or double shots.

Then you go focus on other important things as you leave the job to your machine.

Hot mugs are ready to go with your shots as you have easy control of the steam wand.

You’re pumped up to finish the tasks for the day.

Thanks to your Nuova Simonelli Oscar II, you have a cost-efficient yet reliable espresso machine.


How does the Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine give you flavorful shots in a touch?

Simply dial in your brewing time and the touch programming will prepare the shots for you.

Whether you want it single or double, you control your machine with a press of a button.

Stay relaxed as you wait for your creamy shots in less time.


You have full control of extraction

When you use a semi-automatic espresso machine, you have manual control of the extraction pump.

As this pump lets water into your coffee, you can add more or lower it depending on the taste you want.

Plus, you’re in charge of the start and end time of the brew cycle.

As you know that every second you pull espresso shot is important.

You have freedom to extract the best possible flavor with the Oscar II.


Up to 11 espresso cups

With its large 2.8 liters of water tank capacity, you can make up to 11 cups of your favorite espresso.

Stay calm knowing you can serve many coffee lovers at a time.

Fresh warm cups

Designed with a “hot plate” on top, you have fresh warm cups waiting to be filled as you need.

You preserve the warmth of the espresso with preheated cups at your hand’s reach.

You never need a separate cup warmer so you save space and energy.

Durable inside and out

Made with stainless steel frame, you get the best quality material.

Its high tensile strength keeps your machine from breaking even with strong pressure.

And it doesn’t rust nor corrode so you can make sure you get the best for your espresso  shots.

Plus, it’s coated with ABS plastic finish so you know it doesn’t scratch nor wear from heat and shock.

What’ more?

Its brew group is made from marine grade brass which is also resistant to rust and corrosion.

You save more on long-term costs with its high quality build.


Auto-Refill system

With the Nouva Simonelli Oscar II, you don’t need to worry when water runs low.

It’s equipped with Auto-refill system that adds more water to the tank as needed.

If there’s no water for refilling, you can rest assured your machine will shut off.

This means your unit won’t burn out even if you forgot to supply water.


Froth while you brew

The Oscar II gives you a heat exchange boiler so you can froth and brew at the same time.

From this boiler, a copper pipe takes water to the group head and the steam.

This lets you save time and energy as you only need to heat a single boiler.

Plus, you can now froth milk and add steam easier with the steam/frothing wand.

This narrow, stainless steel with rubber grip lets you rotate it up to 360 degrees.

This means you can add a cup anywhere without cramping your space.


Valve pressure control

Your espresso puck needs to remain dry so it doesn’t drip.

Thanks to the 3-way solenoid valve that controls the pressure inside the machine.

You can stay calm knowing all pressure is released every time you’re finished brewing.


Timed dosing at your command

You can program the time it needs to complete a single or double shot.

Simply press the buttons before you brew.

At the right time, the machine will stop in an instant.

Save more time and energy as you dose with ease.


Steam switch in a touch

Simply push and pull the switch on top of the machine and you get the steam going.

You don’t need to twist a valve anymore so you can take care of your wrists.

Stay calm as you serve your customers without feeling tired.


Easy monitor with reverse mirror

You won’t need to curve your back to check your espresso shots.

Watch the color and consistency simply by looking at the reverse mirror.

You maintain an elegant posture while you prepare your shots.


Consistent tamping for you

If you’re concerned about getting the correct tamping pressure with the right angle, worry no more.

The Oscar II’s Soft Infusion System makes it easy for you to forget about it.


Because the machine takes care of inconsistent tamping.

This means you don’t need to perfect your puck before extracting.

The machine releases a small amount of water to settle the grounds before brewing.

You have peace of mind knowing you can get a consistent and more balanced extraction every time.


Fits limited spaces

With a single group head and boiler, you can fit this 30cm machine even in cramped spaces.

It’s your perfect compact machine for home and office so you can still enjoy high quality espresso shots.

Relax as you can prepare your favorite cups at small counters.


The Nuova Simonelli Oscar II is your ideal choice for professional home espresso. Perfect for small businesses and home baristas who wants to level up their espresso experience.

Get your own compact and affordable espresso machine. Simply click the “Buy It Now” button today!

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