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Nuova Simonelli Talento Super-Automatic Machine

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Enjoy flavorful espresso shots in a touch with the all-in-one Nuova Simonelli Talento Super-Automatic Machine

Imagine having high quality espresso shots simply by pressing a button.

You wake up in the morning impressed with this elegant espresso machine.

You’re energized to finish all the tasks for the day.

You greet every customer with a wide smile as you have a sleek and polished coffee companion.

Thanks to your Nuova Simonelli Talento, you can make the best possible espresso shots all day.


How does the Nuova Simonelli Talento Super-Automatic Machine give you flavorful shots in a touch?

You simply press a button and you have espresso shots in less time.

This super automatic machine does all the work for you.

You only need to fill the coffee chute with beans and your shots are ready in seconds.

Save time and energy to satisfy your customer’s orders specially during peak hours.


One-stop espresso machine

Ever imagined having espresso shots without all the hassle from preparing the coffee grinds.

You won’t need to be anxious of correct tamping, stable temperature, nor fineness of your ground coffee.

You won’t need to monitor the perfect pressure to pull your shots either.

The Nuova Simonelli Talento does it all for you.

With two grinders sitting on top of the machine, you get instant espresso cups faster.

You can rest assured its thermo-compensated delivery group makes the temperature stable for consistent shots.

As a 1-step machine, milk is automatically added to your drinks (with a separate milk cooler).

Plus, it comes with decaf chute so you can fill each hopper with a regular and decaf at the same time.

You can rely on this high-powered machine that streamlines the brewing process.

You simply watch as the machine does it all from grinding the coffee to brewing the espresso and steaming the milk.


Convenient LCD display

You simply program your settings with the intuitive design.

Set your preferred coffee dose, milk dosing, ideal tamping pressure, and temperature for brew group and steam without extra effort.

You save time to focus on entertaining your guests as the machine does the work for you.

Up to 20 drink options

Serve your customer’s wants of any kind of coffee.

With Nouva Simonelli Talento, you have 10 programmable drink buttons to choose up to 20 options.

You don’t need to figure it out yourself.

This technology saves you more time while satisfying the needs of every customer.

Fits small spaces

Even if you have a limited area for your coffee counter, the Talento will still fit your space.

Pair it with a milk cooler and you still have enough space for your espresso cups.

Solid build to last longer

Made with durable stainless-steel parts, you can rely on your espresso machine.

Even with a busy environment, its two stainless steel boilers make sure your machine will serve you for years.

Plus, its aluminum brewing group and thermo compensated steel gives you high quality brewing every time.

You save more on long-term maintenance costs with its durable materials.

Dry coffee grounds

You don’t have to worry about maintaining a dry coffee grind.

An encoder controls the infusion chamber so you can rest assured it’s always in an ideal position.

The machine does it all for you so you can relax and focus on other important things.


Built-in tamper for consistent shots

With the Talento’s double tamping system, you get the ideal pressure needed for consistent extractions.

You don’t need to worry whether a beginner operates the machine.

It compensates for incorrect tamping so you only get consistent high quality shots.


Flexible spout for all drink sizes

You simply raise and lower the spout to pour into different sizes of drinks.

You have a more convenient way to offer a variety of drink sizes for less time and effort.


Instant wash

With its automatic washing program, you don’t need to manually wash your machine.

You simply set it to clean itself so you can focus your time on giving the best customer service.

Have peace of mind knowing you can serve with high quality, clean equipment.


Environment and energy-saver

Save more energy when you’re not using your machine.

You don’t need to monitor the on and off time setting.

It’s automatic and you can let it on standby so it consumes less energy.

You contribute to a better environment.


Less maintenance

You can maintain your machine without stress headaches.

Thanks to its self-diagnostic program so you’ll know when there’s something wrong.

This means you get reduced maintenance and it can extend the machine’s life.

You save more time and costs in the long run.

Your brewing choice

With the 1 Step Talento, you get a self-sufficient machine that does it all for you.

You don’t need to grind the coffee, tamp, brew the espresso or steam the milk.

It gives you a ready-to-drink espresso without all the hassle of preparation.

You simply touch a button and voila! you have your best espresso shot in seconds.

The machine does all the work so this requires you to have a separate milk cooler.

If the 2 Step Talento is your choice, you can steam the milk yourself with the built-in Auto-Steam function.

You only need to add the milk to the pitcher and the auto-steam prepares it for you.

This hybrid process gives you more control of your milk froths for your beautiful latte art.


The Nuova Simonelli Talento Super-Automatic Machine is your all-in-one machine from a world-class brand. Perfect for your specialty coffee shops in medium to high-volume locations.

Get your own all-in-one machine for perfect espresso shots. Simple click the “Buy It Now” button today!

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